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BoD to discuss Inspirational Equality in Oct.

I'm not sure if everyone's been following the recent Inspirational Equality discussions online, but there's been quite a bit. After the Board of Directors added the question about removing the opposite-gender requirement for fighting for crown tourneys on the SCA-wide census last year, a movement has been afoot to do just that.

The latest update is that the issue has made it onto the BoD's October 2011 meeting. Although they can't just change policy (there's ...
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Pennsic Podcast!

My interview with the Pennsic Independent Podcast is now up! ... ue-feather

I sat down last Pennsic and did this interview all about the Clan - our history, what we do, etc. I hope I did a good job. :)

- Joshua
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oh since I last posted on here..... I was in Trimaris.... then a quick stint back in Atlantia and now Ansteorra!! I am hopefuly settled for awhile... I live in the Barony of Eldern Hills in the Northern parts on the kingdom. Would love to meet some Blue Feathers in this kingdom or bodering lands.. Say hi if you remember me from when I lived in Bryn Gwlad or maybe up in Mag More, or ...
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tent buying?


I am preparing for my first week-plus long event this year (Pennsic), and was wondering if anyone might be able to provide some advice on tent buying.

I'm looking to get a new tent, something I can stay in at Pennsic and possibly at multi-evening weekend events, and something that is larger than my old modern nylon dome tent, which has proven to be abysmally small. I've had my eye on getting a canvas ...
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On the Move

Well, thanks to mundane work, I'm being relocated...and moving from Calontir to the Outlands on October 8th(ish). Thankfully, I start the new position I'm being moved into about mid-August so that I'm trained up before the move...and I have a trip out that way to hunt down housing at the end of August as well. Just thought I'd share the news, so if there were any Outlanders out there (Hi Thorvald!) you could either hunt ...
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Blue Feather embroidery project

I just wanted to share this as it is something I'm tinkering around with. I have an embroidery machine and digitized the badge feather and sent it on some scrap material with some thread that was already wound and ready to go just to see how it would turn out. This is the how my results turned out so far. Gonna do a little fine tuning and send it to the machine with blue thread ...
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It is with a heavy heart that I report the sad news of the passing of Chimbai of the Great Dark Horde.

For those that knew him, he was witty, gregarious and wise. He served the GDH as Khan and Slumlord, and was a long-time member of Clan Blue Feather. He would often be seen riding his festooned cart around Pennsic, both tormenting and amusing passers-by. He was an old, dear friend who I will ...
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History of the Clan - share your memories!

In anticipation of the 20th anniversary of the Clan coming up soon, we're interested in gathering an oral history of the Clan, from both those who were there on the battlefield oh so many years ago, to those who found us along the way, to those who participate in various ways in the Clan from across the Known World, and everyone in between, from every aspect of the alphabet soup of a community we are ...
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Blue Feather on Connexion

I just created a group on Connexion ( for Clan Blue Feather (
I've mainly made it so that people there who might be interested in the SCA can learn more about it and Clan Blue Feather and then send them to this site/forum.
Check it out (and join Connexion if you haven't already) and let me know how I may improve ...
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Blue Feather Canada! Where are you?

Greetings from the Barony of Borealis, Avacal, An Tir!

So, i have been in canada for almost 8 months and have gone to almost all the larger SCA events in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba! Where the heck are my guild brothers and sisters?

So, i started a new thread to locate and start building the guild in and around my area!

If you are currently, or soon will be in any of the ...
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