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Sorry about the spam!

Just did a massive membership clean-up, and despite higher intelligence tests, I culled the membership list from 200 to 76! We'll see if we can't find more ways to thwart the spambots, but in the meantime, sorry if any slip through (what caught my attention was a spate of posts from one recently-added spambot), and feel free to e-mail me or Gabbo if you see anything suspicious.

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Changing profile name?


I was wondering if there is any way to change one's profile name? I was hoping to change mine from my mundane name to my SCA name, and am wondering if this is even possible.
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General Suggestions

Quick suggestion: How about a link on the banner on the forum pages that goes to the main Blue Feather page (outside the forum)?
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Please report spam!

I see we've been invaded by a bunch of spam accounts, and they've started posting. Please contact Gabbo or myself if you see these so we can be rid of them post haste.

Your help is much appreciated!

- Joshua
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Forum Status?

<peeks head in>

You all back up + running ok?
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Suggestion: World Map

I had a thought, (I did, I did!) that it would be good to have a reference map or two.
First, for the Known World. I was going to say that it would be easy to find a link to one, but had some trouble finding anything. From Google, I had a lot of out-of-date results. Two possibilities:
SCA Google Earth ... earth.html
And this: ...
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Clan Blue Feather Encampment Section?

Joshua opened a topic for the Pennsic Blue Feather encampment under the "Pennsic" section of the forums, but I believe it was more of a thread just to let people know we have one.

I was thinking it may be a good idea to have a section just for encampment issues where we can discuss any business before Pennsic each year, and hopefully get things sorted out. That would be the place we would deal ...
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Hello! I'd heard that RSS feeds could be set up from this forum. I'd appreciate any advice on how to do so, preferably to my Live Journal account. Thanks in advance!
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Just Wondering

Dick van Dyke
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