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Re: Introduce yourself!!

Postby Gaston » Sun Sep 19, 2010 4:12 pm

My, the projects in that quote are long done.. . after this year, my "activities" should probably say "goes to wars." For various reasons I made three of them this time, and don't plan to do that anytime soon. (For the record, Gulf was quite cold, Lilies was quite hot and Pennsic was just right.)
I look forward to winding down with Diamond War (Central Arkansas) next month. It's mellow, has a great site and is too close to home to skip. --Gaston
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Re: Introduce yourself!!

Postby Muirenn » Sun Jan 30, 2011 11:40 am

Ok. Here goes.

My SCA name is Muirenn ingen Morgair (pronouned like Mariann, but with the first 'a' replaced with a 'u'), and I like to research and play around in early medieval Ireland. My main focus is bardic, and I play the harp, sing, and write songs. I'm currently learning some of the Cantigas de Santa Maria, and trying to learn some early Welsh music by ear (yikes- can we say 'before they knew what melodies are?'). I was once the kingdom bard in Ealdormere. It was an interesting 6 months, at least. Otherwise, I dabble in archery and illumination. My daughter has decided that she absolutely loves dressing up, doing archery, and generally everything about the SCA. The name she chose was Tailtiu (sort of sounds like 'tail-chew'). I've been in the SCA off and on for the last nine years, although the previous 4 were 'off'.

Mundanely, I do karate, am a published author, and work in a school library. I'm married, and have one child. (If I need credentials to say that I'm 'blue feather', I met Mr. Right before Ms.Right came along, and I don't discriminate based on gender).
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Re: it's Louis!

Postby Muirenn » Sun Jan 30, 2011 11:45 am

louis wrote:Hi Blue Feather people! I had so much fun meeting and dancing with you folks the other night. Thanks for throwing a great party! I'm back home safe in Caldrithig (aka Ottawa) tonight. If you're ever in the neighbourhood be sure to say hello :)

Louis Berger

Hello, fellow Ealdormerian!
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Re: Introduce yourself!!

Postby Mellitus » Wed Feb 23, 2011 10:09 pm

I can't believe I haven't done this earlier! I am Mellitus of Rouncivale, residing in the Barony of Forgotten Sea in the Kingdom of Calontir. I've been active in the SCA pretty much my entire adult life, giong on 25 years now. I am best known for my glass bead-making, for which I was recognized as a Companion to the Order of the Laurel. I'm a typical A&S Goob and have been known to hold an office or few over the years, local and Kingdom. The Blue Feather gathering at Lilies War usually happens at my encampment.
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Re: Introduce yourself!!

Postby Stone » Mon Apr 18, 2011 3:07 pm


Not that it truly is a concern, but I am totally curious as to what the gay/straight count is at these days. I think it is so awesome that our LGBT (and friends) camp as proven to be so appealing to our hetero friends.

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Re: Introduce yourself!!

Postby brownge » Thu Jun 09, 2011 12:21 am

Greetings All!
I am Iosog O'Siridean, (I use the mundane pronunciation of "Isaac Sheridan"). Currently I am with the Barony of Eldern Hills. I have been involved with the SCA for the last 9 years, starting in the Kingdom of Drachenwald. I moved to Ansteorra about 2 years, but recently got back active in the Society. My partner (Dragano D'Este) and I look forward to meeting other Blue Feathers.
Iosog O'Siridean
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Re: Introduce yourself!!

Postby Drido » Fri Jun 10, 2011 1:45 pm

Hi, my name is Gabe Gillette. I am a friend of Gabe de la Vega “Gabbo”. He and I are both members of Markland and share an interest in japanese culture. I met Gabbo for the first time while briefly attending Pennsic last year and since then we've become fast friends. Gabbo was kind enough to introduce me to some of the Blue Feather encampment last year, and suggested it to me as a home for this Pennsic so I just wanted to say hi. I'm excited to go back, meet all the people that Gabe speaks so highly about and have a great time. I look forward to being part of an awesome camp, and giving back in any way I can.
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Re: Introduce yourself!!

Postby ddirkess » Thu Jul 14, 2011 8:32 pm

Ive only sort of recently been introduced to the SCA. I'm moving in a few days to the Shire of Port Oasis in the Sylvan Kingdom of Aethelmearc, where I'll be joining the Succor Household. I have a name picked out and a design made, but ill wait to register them before I share.

My persona is a late period son of a Venetian merchant and a French courtesan.

My SCAdian interests are: illumination, calligraphy, period table & card games, cooking, erotique art, massage, conversation, storytelling, archery.
In the coming months I hope to study distillation of essential oils, perfume making, needlework, as well as heraldry.

My mundane name is Deven, I am a student studying to become an art teacher. I work on a gay scifi comic in my spare time and hope to publish it online one day.
My mundane interests are scifi and fantasy novels, sequential art, tabletop/card/video gaming, Japan, internet humor, theology, philosophy, culinary arts, travel, the list goes on.
Lord Sasson della Sancta Victoria
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Re: Introduce yourself!!

Postby Hideto » Tue Sep 13, 2011 4:56 am

My name is Lisa Lai. I'm building a Japanese persona (waves to the webmaster!) and will likely ask advice of any Japanese history fans to be sure I'm on track. I'm looking to portray hitorical homosexuality in ancient SCA-period Japan and intend to play a male persona. (I'm an amateur drag king as it is, anyway. ;D)

I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, which is the Canton of Eoforwic in the Kingdom of Ealdormere. I'm originally from San Marcos, Texas, which is the Shire of Ffynnon Gath in the kingdom of Ansteorra. (waves to fellow Ansteorrans!)

I'm your garden variety anime nerd with a healthy dose of fantasy nerd thrown in, and dish of science fiction nerd on the side.

I don't get out to SCA events as often as I should but hope to rectify that soon enough. Would love to meet any local blue feathers as well as talk to any lovely ladies anywhere who don't mind a king in their court. ;)

I'm looking forward to chatting with everyone!
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Re: Introduce yourself!!

Postby Windwolf » Sat Apr 14, 2012 11:06 am

Looking for social interaction!! :D

I'm in serious danger of becoming a normal, robotic, live-to-pay-my-bills adult unless I can distract myself soon! Have considered getting involved with the SCA for a while but have only just now found out about the Blue Feather Clan and am Very excited to get involved!!

Really not sure where to start with a character now that the Brethren of the Coast seems to be too modern to be appropriate.. Maybe a sailor or merchant for a cargo vessel. Thrown weapons sounds like great stress relief.. And camping out at Pennsic may definitely be in the future!

I'm looking for peps to hang out with, so any local blue feathers (Roaring Spring/Altoona Pa area.. or central pa in general) send me a hello if you get the chance!

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