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Re: Introduce yourself!!

PostPosted: Mon Apr 16, 2012 10:04 pm
by Johann

The name is Johann Guldenschuh (my SCA name, which I have adopted as my general use mundane name as well). I've not fleshed out my persona yet, though clearly I have a leaning towards the German, and definitely have a preference for late period.

I've only been part of the SCA for just over a year now, and I live in the Shire of Stormsport in Aethelmearc. Additionally, I am the Webminister for Stormsport.

While I have essentially been accepted into a household, there has been some drama brewing, so I thought I might say hello and see about becoming better acquainted with you wonderful people here. ^_^

I don't really have any particular aspect I'm really focused on quite yet. I'd like to eventually get involved with fencing and thrown weapons, but I also have been learning to sew under an absolutely wonderful seamstress. As for my mundane life, I'm currently an undergrad student at Penn State Erie with the full intents on enrolling in the MBA program shortly. Before moving to Erie, PA I was quite active in the LGBT community in Binghamton, NY. Which brings me to this last tidbit - I read Stone is interested in the demographics regarding the gay/straight population. Personally I claim Queer - I'm not straight, not gay, and bi is just too limiting (and re-enforces the idea of a gender binary).