History of the Clan - share your memories!

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History of the Clan - share your memories!

Postby Joshua » Mon May 18, 2009 3:46 pm

In anticipation of the 20th anniversary of the Clan coming up soon, we're interested in gathering an oral history of the Clan, from both those who were there on the battlefield oh so many years ago, to those who found us along the way, to those who participate in various ways in the Clan from across the Known World, and everyone in between, from every aspect of the alphabet soup of a community we are (i.e., LGBTIQQSF...)

Please share your own personal experiences with the Clan here, no matter how new or old they may be. It's always good to look at our pasts to help us appreciate our present and look forward to our future together as a community.

- Joshua
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Re: History of the Clan - share your memories!

Postby Korren » Wed May 20, 2009 12:21 am

Well, I remember, this ONE time, at Pennsic .... (amazing how many of my stories in Mundania start like that)

...when three Scotsmen (who were really Texans) wandered into our encampment, drunk off their, well, I suppose, for Scotsmen, they were relatively sober......

Oh, wait... that's not the sort of stories you want??

But, that's where the Great Blue Feather Hand Sign came from!! (Three fingers up near the nasal area.)

Korren ManyStoried

P.S. .....though many don't make sense, any more.....
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