BoD seeking input + membership increase

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BoD seeking input + membership increase

Postby Joshua » Thu Feb 18, 2010 12:28 pm

Two interesting pieces of info forwarded by my local group - first, membership fees are increasing by $2 on July 1, so if you feel like renewing, now might be a good time; and second, the Society had a $180,000 budget shortfall last year, and they are soliciting input on ideas for future revenue generation.

Both e-mails are below, along with BoD contact info, so I'm passing them on here.

- Joshua

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Subject: [DC_News] Important Financial Information, Please Read
Greetings SCA Members;

I wanted to give you all a heads up on the below so you all have plenty of time to be sure and renew (or sign up if you aren't already a member) prior to July 1st...

"It must be noted first and foremost- the projected break-even budget for 2010 is based on one critical change; membership rates will be increased by $2, effective July 1, 2010. This will be matched with a $2 increase in the NMS. We in no way want to discourage new participants from “trying us out”, however, the Board feels strongly that participating non members should also contribute to the organization.

In addition, this $2 increase will be reviewed in the following budget cycle (2011). The potential exists for additional incremental changes in the coming years, based on future increases in organizational operating costs. We have listened carefully to the comments of our membership. We believe that a smaller, regulated and controlled incremental increase is superior to one large increase."


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Subject: [DC_News] SCA Board Wants Your Input
Greetings again SCA Members;

>From the Board, they are asking for everyone's input on the following...


"Looking forward, we see the potential for continued financial distress for the Society. In light of the 2008 loss (over $180,000) and continued “close to the bone” financial situation, the directors and corporate staff continue to work through a variance analysis and budgetary options. Moving forward, we will proceed with our efforts to examine a variety of options to reduce costs, and increase our revenue. Please take a moment to review the list of ideas below and send us your comments and ideas. We understand that some of the options will be unpopular in areas of the Society. This should not be considered a complete list of all options, nor should any of these items be considered as a “done deal”. While we have no wish to unduly change the spirit of our shared activity, we feel strongly that at this time all options must be placed on the table, examined and reviewed.

1. Continued development of a grant program, specifically target at supporting our publications and A&S activities.

2. Offering Tournaments Illuminated and The Compleat Anachronist subscriptions to non members, libraries, schools, and others.

3. Raising the rate for these publications to our members.

4. Adding new tiers of member sponsorship such as a Donor or Sponsor level.

5. Examining different membership participation options, with a short term “event pass” for new participants.

6. Increase our ability to fund some internal operations from sales of SCA related merchandise. (Via Cafe Press or other, similar sites. Individual kingdoms currently have gone in this direction. We are not looking to curtail kingdom activity.)

7. Raising membership rates. As mentioned we will review additional incremental increases to align expenses and revenues.

8. Fees for paperwork processing.

As ever, the Board of Directors and corporate staff relies on your input and ideas.

Send your comments to; Please recall that this is a comment only address. All Directors all see the email from this comments address, however we do not offer individual responses."
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