Lawsuit settlement information

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Lawsuit settlement information

Postby Joshua » Mon Feb 06, 2012 1:49 pm

From the Bod:

"Yesterday evening an announcement was made by the Board of Directors of the Society for Creative Anachronism outlining financial concerns created by a long standing lawsuit and the settlement thereof.

Two PDF files or WORD Documents are available for your perusal at: org/BOD/announce ments/settlement .html

Our hope is that you will read them over carefully at your leisure.

The first, 'Announcement from the Board and Officers of the SCA,' deals with the background of the lawsuit and the actual settlement.

The second, 'FAQs about the Settlement,' is presented as questions and answers about the settlement, the impact the settlement will have on land groups and how each of us can become better informed or have our concerns addressed."

The jist of it is the civil lawsuit is being settled for $1.3M, but the lawsuit against the insurance companies to pay the legal fees is ongoing. The SCA is going to bill each kingdom 18% of its monies to cover both the settlement and the ongoing lawsuit, with the proviso that if the insurance companies are held liable the kingdoms will get at least some of that money back.

It's a nasty business, but personally I think this is the best way to put this behind us and move forward.
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