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Pennsic 2010 BF encampment

PostPosted: Wed Feb 17, 2010 1:35 am
by Joshua
Hey, folks! If you're planning to camp in the Clan encampment at Pennsic this year, two things to do:

1. Pre-register under Clan Blue Feather at Online registrations will be accepted until June 15, so you've got lots of time. Deposit is $110 (which saves you I think $10 or $20 at the gate). Remember, if you pre-reg with us, we get 250 more square feet if you do. (FYI, mail-in registration is due May 15.)

2. Contact me privately to let me know you're coming, when you're coming and leaving, what size tent you're bringing, and anything else we need to know about ya.

All are welcome, and all are expected to contribute to camp (camp fees and chores, specifically, neither of which are too terribly stressing).

Pennsic is from July 30 to August 15. And remember, I love each and every one of your two hundred and fifty square feet. :)

- Joshua