The Clan Blue Feather history project

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The Clan Blue Feather history project

Postby Gabe / Genjiro » Tue Dec 09, 2008 11:16 am

There was some discussion of this via Email shortly after Pennsic, but I figured it is best to bring this discussion online, where it can be archived automatically and seen by all. The last email I received from Joshua established our time line as follows:

[quote= Joshua]OK, I finally found my draft of the 1996 article, and here's what I wrote back then (dates in brackets would be the actual calendar year):

* AS XXIII - July [1988] issue of Pikestaff has ad, meeting held at Pennsic [1988]
* AS XXIV - Blue feather is chosen as symbol at Pennsic [1989]
* AS XXV - Clan Blue Feather is chosen as name at Pennsic [1990]; Moses registers device [Dec 1990]
* AS XXVI - First Ball held at Pennsic [1991]
* AS XXVII - First encampment at Pennsic [1992]; first independent event held in East [?]; chartered by Caid crown [?]
* AS XXX - Guild formed [?]; first Cotillion at Pennsic [1995]; e-mail list started [?]
* AS XXXI - First SCA event held [1996]; web page created [?]

Some of these (like when the ad ran) are actually a year earlier than what's on the website, so it's all something we'd have to check. At the time I sent copies of the article to various folks who might have made corrections to it, but I can't find those corrections; if I do, this might change, but this was my understanding at the time, so it's probably more accurate than relying on our fuzzy memories now.

Given that, *this* year would have been the 20th anniversary of the ad and first meeting, but it won't be until 2010 that we reach the anniversary of both the choosing of the name and the registering of the device, both of which are fairly noteworthy. 2010 will also be the 20th Ball, so I guess I'll have to eat my words on that, too. Drat.

I'm also working on a larger plan to coordinate stories and oral histories to coincide with the launching of the website discussion boards, to put it out both to the larger Clan and to the individuals who are still around who remember this crap. :)

- Joshua

So the first thing we need to do is get the people involved with the founding of the Clan on these boards. Once we get some consensus I'll go ahead and edit the webpage to include some of these updated details.
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